My success with using Dashboard ..

Hi all … this is a solution I have found to work for me in the Windows (specifically Windows 10) environment. I had many frustrations with Dashboard not seeing my Drobos even though they appear in my Windows Network. Even with unplugging and plugging … rebooting Drobo and PC … Dashboard was hit and miss.
To cut to the chase … what I have found to work consistently to have Dashboard see and access all my Drobos (FS and 5N) is to use Task Manager to first stop all DDService … all Drobo Dashboard Service … DDAssist Service … then stop Drobo Dashboard before powering down or rebooting my PC.
When I do this Dashboard will consistently be available to display my Drobos along with all the Dashboard tools. I have been doing this for a while and it works!
So if you are experiencing problems with Dashboard try this along with the other troubleshooting suggestions and see if this helps.
If this is old information I apologize in advance … if it works for you … good … happy to share an easy fix.
Someone should let the Drobo programmers know … perhaps they can come up with a fix that will do the above when Drobo Dashboard is shut down by the User or the System.
Just a thought.


I’m glad you have a solution! I never had any trouble with the Dashboard and Windows 10, but I also turn off the Windows firewall …not certain if that matters.

hi caloak, can i check if your service is set to automatic or manual?
if it is automatic, maybe using the automatic (Delayed) option could help - just in case something during startup is launching it and conflicting with another process?

either way it is good that you found a fix for you, though was just wondering.