My Life with a Drobo

I have started a new blog dedicated to my experiences with my Drobo and Drobo S. I think the URL speaks for itself. I welcome your comments.


since you double posted, i will too…


well the fact it was connected to a server without a UPS… IMHO i any PC which deserves the title “server” also deserves a UPS! (as well as any connected storage)

in my experience… my drobopro/drobo (i owned drob 1, drobov2 and drobopr) experiences sever hard resets (unexpected power-outs) and always recovered flawlesslessly (including no noticable corruption and also passing all post-event chkdsks)

i feel your pain with “failing” drives which affect drobo but dont produce a flashing red light but still severely affect drobo’s operations…

since owning my drobopro i have also purchased a synology unit and that almost goes too far in the other direction - it EMAILS me everytime i encounters a read error (which a normal hard disk would just retry then carry on!)

they need to find a happy medium where you actually know what is goingon with your disks and it TELLS you ratehr than cryptic traffic lights

the red/yellow/green works when things JUST die, but they dont JUST DIE there are too many “dying” states inbetween which drobo is either affected by or responds to and it give yo no clue![hr]
I’d also note that you havent really engaged with the community… your only two posts have been to link to your site…

you may notice that some of us have made a few more posts than that…

drobo does some things incredibly well, and it has some very unique features.

other things it does quite poorly…

those of us who use drobo’s are aware of its limitations, and we hope DRI are working hard to overcome those and essentially give us all of the plusses without any of the minuses.

people who have trouble can always try the forum, which are monitored by DRI staff, and those of use with several years of experience, and we will try and help…

i’ve have two catastrophes - both times i have contacted DRI support by phone, and they have been flawless, and the extremely nice individuals have done everything they can to assist (including simply referring me to a higher level when they were out of their depth)

eitherway, drobo’s , despite their well documented flaws (the main of which is the bless/curse of their lack of feedback) offer a unique proposition in the current market place

one of the major drawback was the lack of an independant data recover solution - and i note that there are now a few data recover providers which now support drobo’s, so it is evident that they are aware of their shortcoming and work hard to address them.

the only way any startup is going to succeed through constructive criticism and support of their users, i have always found DRI to be responsive and empathetic. they are not perfect, but neither is any other provider,

you have to make your choices based on your specific requirements at the time.

Well put!

Great replies! Thanks for the input. I do understand that I don’t contribute to the forums which does reduce my credibility. The fact is that I don’t use the Drobos for anything more than storage. I don’t run fancy apps or software. I just wanted a reliable place to put my data. I wouldn’t be able to contribute anything useful to or gain anything useful from the forums.

When I had periodic problems, I guess I could have gone to the forums for help. Unfortunately, my problems were not obscure bugs or periodic annoyances… they were complete friggin catastrophes. The posts would look like " My drobo won’t turn on" or " All the data on my Drobo is corrupt and unreadable " and the replies would be “Call tech support”.

With regards to the attitude of tech support, I agree that they were always responsive and empathetic. I would even agree that they are better than most and I rarely had to wait on hold. The fact that I have to contact tech support at all is the greatest downfall. Sure they offer support and replacements but the fact remains that their POS storage device is the root cause of the problem. I literally have hundreds of pieces of electronics and the Drobo is the only one where I have regular dealings with tech support.

Seems like a hit and miss with the drobo. Some love it, some hate it. My friend has had good experience and talked me into getting one. The unit I bought was bad and was replaced for free right away. If I could do it over again I probably would of gone a diff route. But 1-2 months of ownership and no problems. To big of a pain to sell it and look for something else. So will just hold on to it and hope for the best.