My Life with a Drobo S

I have started a new blog dedicated to my experiences with my Drobo and Drobo S. I think the URL speaks for itself. I welcome your comments.



well the fact it was connected to a server without a UPS… IMHO i any PC which deserves the title “server” also deserves a UPS! (as well as any connected storage)

in my experience… my drobopro/drobo (i owned drob 1, drobov2 and drobopr) experiences sever hard resets (unexpected power-outs) and always recovered flawlesslessly (including no noticable corruption and also passing all post-event chkdsks)

i feel your pain with “failing” drives which affect drobo but dont produce a flashing red light but still severely affect drobo’s operations…

since owning my drobopro i have also purchased a synology unit and that almost goes too far in the other direction - it EMAILS me everytime i encounters a read error (which a normal hard disk would just retry then carry on!)

they need to find a happy medium where you actually know what is goingon with your disks and it TELLS you ratehr than cryptic traffic lights

the red/yellow/green works when things JUST die, but they dont JUST DIE there are too many “dying” states inbetween which drobo is either affected by or responds to and it give yo no clue!

Guess there will always be both sides. Despite not being a speed demon, which I never really expected it to be, to be honest, my Drobo v2 units have been very good to me.

My initial experience with Drobo+Droboshare led me to ditch the Droboshare and move to a Windows Home Server for sharing it. Been happy with the setup, haven’t seen the data corruption issues you mention, but having been through many of my own homebrew RAIDs, I don’t discount your experience.

I once tried to put two 3ware cards in a machine - and for whatever reason, the second card would experience bitwise errors. It was a real PITA to diagnose too. :frowning:

Agree with Docchris that there are too many in between or “going bad” states. It’d be nice if Drobo Dashboard gave some sort of health rating for the drives, something better than SMART though, because SMART is not so for me.

Thanks for the replies. I do realize that some people run these machines flawlessly without even the slightest hint of problems. I can acknowledge that problems may be one in a million. Unfortunately, I experienced these one in a million freak chances on multiple drobos. Maybe I just have bad luck.

I think the larger issues is the lack of faith. Down and to my left sits the Drobo S. I don’t look at it as a reliable place for my data. I see it as a ticking time bomb where even the slightest problem will require another phone call to tech support and days, perhaps weeks, without access to my data.

Once bitten, twice shy, I can understand that. I posted some of the things I do know that are issues or causes of issues in a reply on this other thread.

I do think you were just (un)lucky. Perhaps it’s time to buy a lottery ticket? :slight_smile:

I agree with you that trust is a huge factor, as are single points of failure - always good to have a backup plan. That’s why I have one Drobo for backup, as well as a loose standard drive for backup as well.


… Do you know whether any of this has been addressed and resolved with … "Drobo S — Firmware Update - 2.1.0 (Dec. 21 Release Date) – Release Notes, state “Improvement in error handling of defective disks” ??