My Drobo 5D overheated, now it's acting weird

After the heatwave that effected my region over the weekend, my Drobo 5D overheated and ceased operating. After the temperature cooled down, I attempted to power it back on, but I got the following behaviour:-

  • The power would come on, the drive lights would come on solid YELLOW, the 10 Capacity Lights would come on solid BLUE, the Power light would come on solid GREEN and the Activity Light would also come on Solid Green.

-The Power Light and the Activity Light would both turn off

-The BLUE Capacity Lights would then go off for around 30 seconds

-The Power Light will then come on YELLOW, with the FIRST and TENTH BLUE Capacity Lights will come on briefly before-

  • The YELLOW Disk lights go dark, The Power Light then alternated from YELLOW to RED to GREEN while the BLUE Capacity lights will “strobe” from the respective "outside’s inward.

  • After 3 or 4 “Stobes”, the BLUE Capacity Lights go dark and the Power Light changed to solid GREEN for around 30 seconds, and then-

-the entire unit powers off for around 30 seconds before the process starts all over again.

This has been happening for almost 4 days now with no change to the pattern. What is happening and what can I do to fix it?


hi brob,
there is a page here which mentions info about psus and what the power lights should be doing. can i check if your main power suppy (psu) brick light is also a solid green as they mention here?

there is also a page here about what the bootup sequence should look like:

usually a power light with red can indicate oferheating, but according to this page only that power light will be lit:

Am not sure if you are still in support though it might be worth raising a ticket with the support team.

it probably would be good to try another psu if you can easily get one, though another thing could to try the following:

  • to power all down and unplug all cables from the drobo
  • with power still all Off and cables unplugged, to remove your diskpack drives (remembering the order for later)
  • to power up your computer and dashboard
  • and to connect the drobo to the computer and to power up the empty drobo
  • after it boots up (hopefully) can dashboard recognise it?

Important: if it asks you to insert any drives (please STOP here)

while it may be good if it boots up empty and is recognised (usually signifying that the main drobo hardware seems ok), you need to actually shutdown the drobo again.

this is because Diskpack drives should only be removed, or insertted, in their entirety and only when power is all Off and cables unplugged.

then with power all off and cables unplugged, if you can try putting your diskpack drives back into where they came from, and then powering up the computer and dashboard like before, and then to connect up your drobo and power it back up again…

what happens now brob… does the drobo power up and go through the usual bootup sequence with blue lights from right to left usually, and then becoming found and recognised by dashboard and your computer again?
(in case the blue led sequence seems to hang or take longer to progress, please do allow plenty of time for this)