My Drobo 5d has lost it's mind

I have a Drobo 5D connected by Thunderbolt cable to my iMac. About a year ago, I replaced the external power block and it’s been working great ever since.

3 days ago, my iMac started rebooting by itself (I had this problem once before, it seems to be an issue with this year of iMac) and Apple had me reformat the whole thing and reinstall. no more rebooting.

Until 3 days ago. I looked at my Drobo and all the lights were yellow. This Drobo has 2 4TB drives and 3 6TB drives in it. I am POSITIVE I am not out of space. so, after rebooting the Drobo a few times (still all yellow lights), I unplugged it from my iMac. The rebooting of the iMac stopped. 100%.

I bought a new power block from amazon (3rd party) and just plugged it in (not connected to iMac.). After a lengthy light show of blue capacity lights flashing, all the drives turned RED. The good news is that when I plugged it in to my iMac, the iMac didn’t reboot. But all drives are red. No way they are all bad.

So I plugged in the prior power block. yellow lights and the iMac started rebooting.

I’d love to TALK to a Drobo tech, but of course, the phone number I had no longer works and I can’t find a new one.

this is incredibly frustrating after spending $800 on a Drobo 5D (I also have a functioning 5N) and an enormous upgrade in drive space last year.

I’m open to suggestions. I am NOT spending another $700-$800 on an empty Drobo box. I’ll find some other backup solution before I do that again.

Very unhappy Drobo user (and I used to be a HUGE fan).

Have you tried to connect your 5D to your iMac via the USB?
I had a bad thunderbolt cable issue some time back and whilst it has since been replaced, the USB connection enabled me to verify what the issue was.

EDIT: Make sure you shutdown both the Drobo and the iMac, connect the USB, then restart both.

I have not but I’ll try that

Well, good news. I changed out the Thunderbolt cable AND the power block — and then my Drobo was recognized again by my Mac. all drives lit up yellow, no reboots, and after 10 hrs, all drives have turned green and backups are still in place.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Great to hear and thanks for updating.