Mutiple drive failues - Seagate - sre you seeing these issues?

So in the past month I have had two seperate drive failues in my Drobopro - both are with brand new Seagate Baracude 7200.11 1 TB drives…

Are others seeing this issue?

I have just not went to dual redundancy mode becase I fear even more will fail at this rate…

no issues in getting them replaced by seagate but has me a bit worried when it takes mutiple hours of hard disk use to rebuild… who knows what can happen in that time.

I guess you are having drive failure issues w/ the ST31000528AS model instead of the ST31000340AS. We use both models & the 528AS series seems to be less reliable than the 340AS. We have both drobo & droboPro units & so far out of those 1TB drives (around 30 units) that we have deployed only 1 drive (i.e. 528AS) failed - certified dead. Neither our drobo & droboPro & Windows XP PC failed to recognize it. In ur case, the chances of two 1TB drives failures in a month is uncommon, I recommend you should contact DRI support cuz I’m unaware of the drobo or the Pro comes w/ diagnostic tools.

If they do not chime in here I will contact support directally… The model I am running and purchased 6 of to start is the ST3100340AS

When this unit is done rebuilding I will throw it back in to see if it fails again…

Alsomost updated with dual drive redundancy so I fell a bit better (knock on wood)

You definitely should put in a support ticket so your case is “on the record” - this forum is aimed toward user-to-user communication.

Yes, definitely open a support case so we can look at those drives.

Yes I have had multiple Seagate 4TB drive failures - two have failed within 2 weeks (not long after firmware update) Drobo support say that it is a HD problem - Seagate say their drives are error free (after long diagnostics). The drives were Seagate 4TB Barracuda DOM both NOV2017. I am now £200 out of pocket
!! I would be very reluctant to fit Seagate drives to Drobo unit again.

I personally never use Seagate drives…too many issues. But if your drives are using Shingled magnetic recording (SMR) as a recording technology, the excessively slow writing process will cause definite issues in any RAID-type storage box.