multiple volumes


I just bought Drobo second generation and I use Snow Leopard.

Is there a way to create multiple volumes ? My total size available is just below the 1 TB. When i tried with multiple partitions with disk utility, my drobo storage doesn’t show the use capacity correct.
Then i tried formatting with Drobo Dashboard, but there i can only make one thin-provisioned volume of 1 TB. Is there a way to create more multiple volumes, so i can use them logically ?

Unfortunately the smallest size with dashboard is 1TB and there is a known issue with Dashboard not showing partitions created with disk utility.


Read your posting with interest. Have recently partitioned Drobo into four ascertainable volumes to support a new imac running 10.6.3 and very pleased with the results. Happy to share the process and results with you unless you have by now found the answers you needed.


Hi Mcthomas,

I’d be interested to know how you created your partitions. I previously had 2 partitions: 1 static Time Machine volume, 1 dynamic data volume. These displayed correctly as separate volumes in DB v. 1.2.4 and showed the correct usage. Anytime I’ve tried to update since, however, DB only recognizes the first volume and I have to roll back. Around the time of DB 1.5.1 (or so), there was document regarding this issue that stated you would need to reformat through the dashboard to have multiple volumes recognized. I didn’t want to deal with that, so stuck with 1.2.4. Before upgrading to SL, I noted that only DB 1.66 or above was compatible. So, I went about the process of backing everything up and upgrading the DB. In the dashboard, there was no option to create partitions, so I went back to the support documents and saw that they reverted to the previous method for creating partitions through Disk Utility, so I did that. After I partition and reload everything back on, DB v. 1.6.8 still only sees the first partition!!! I had to completely uninstall it and go without an exact capacity reading so I could at least have the right amount of LEDs lit in the front of the unit. Frustrating.


Have been away for awhile and just read your post. If you are still interested in knowing how I have partitioned (used disk utility) and managed multiple volumes let me know.


I have had the same problems and have been told that it has something to do with Time Machine. If you don’t have a partition with time machine on you might be ok. I too am sticking with 1.2.4 until drobo finally get the system sorted out