Multiple volumes on one Drobo

How do I move between the 2 volumes available on the DroboPro FS? I have SSH connectivity but I don’t know how to move between volume 1 and 2.


hi, is ssh the only connectivity you have?

if you can already see both volumes from a pc, what about a copy and paste.
(then you can verify that the data has copied ok, before deleting)

usually much better than cut and paste (especially over any network) because if theres a network glitch its hard to know whats been moved.

I can access all directories from the network regardless of volume. However, how do I navigate to the different volumes on Drobo via SSH?


im not sure to be honest, but do hang around as theres a lot of ssh guys here who can help :slight_smile:

You ssh into the Drobo FS, then you cd to /mnt/DroboFS/Shares

All your shares are sub directories there.

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