Multiple Volumes on Drobo 5D -

Years ago when I set up my Drobo 5d, I created two volumes (I don’t remember why). Dashboard tells me usable space on my five drives 18TB (out of 26TB the five drives total). Drive 1 has picture files totallig 13.12TB with 4.90TB left. Drive 2 is empty. Is it even possible or wise to delete the empty volume on a 5D? (So far I haven’t found that option in my Dashboard version 3.5.1.) If so, does that empty space accrue to Volume 1? If not, when Drive 1 fills up, will adding more data automatically and seamlessly begin filling Volume 2? I use Lightroom Classic CC to access and process hundreds of thousands of digital still images. I’ve read on-line descriptions on deleting Drobo volumes but none describe the result. (I could not find an end-of-life section for the 5D, just the 5N, hence the post here.) Thanks to anyone who can advise me.

It is my understanding you would need to reformat entire drobo to make it one volume.
However you could easily access the second volume for storage and get the full use of it. Just each time you want what is on that volume you would have to go to it & then revert back to your other volume.

Thanks very much for the informative response.