multiple share time machine ?

Is there any negative performance aspect of creating separate time machine shares for each machine on my home network … as opposed to sharing one big share between them all … i am doing this just in case I need to recreated a larger time machine … I only lose the backups for one machine.



It’s probably better to make separate shares, you can set a size limit for each one, don’t have to worry about grabbing the wrong thing, and if you wanted, give each user a password on the drobo, and then they can only access their own time machine backup.

doesn’t really matter if it’s the same or separate shares, on the drobo they are just folders on the the same drive, it just shares them as different drives.

btw is time machine essentially similar to Windows Restore?

time machine is a full machine backup (bootable) … it has a sweet interface that lets you page through backup desktops (it looks like you are on your current machine).

I wonder if there is any way to expand a TM partion after the fact? Rather than starting all over?