Do you want more control over who access data via DroboShare than its one password/access everything or nothing capability? If you do, this DroboApp is for you. MultiFolders is a set of scripts that lets you create multiple folders, each of which has its own password. I created MultiFolders, but its a command line tool. Due to help from Hal9000 it has been integrated into the droboadmin web-based config tool.

Download this. A “README” file inside the main folder describes all that you need to know.

I am breaking the rules – this is a zip file. DRI wants things packaged up as .tgz files. But I didn’t do it 'cause I can’t. You should manually unpack this into the DroboApps folder on your Drobo/DroboShare.

Additional Information:
This is a zip file – manually unload it and copy it to your DroboApps folder. Someone who can master “tar” and its myriad of options is welcome to package this into an appropriate distribution.

Author: Apple TV Fan


So is this broken now with the firmware updates?