MTU settings for DROBO FS - no jumbo packets


the drobo FS is dropping connection between computers here on the network. I have been looking into issues with the Drobo and the gigabit ethernet switch, none apparent that i can find. However I have now fixed my sights on the MTU

the max MTU size of the iMac i5’s we’re running here is 1500 so doesnt support jumbo packets. the MTU size of the windows xp PC is 1472 by default.

do i need to set my MTU size (advanced) in the drobo dashboard to 1500 or less to reflect this? or if left unticked does it automatically find the correct MTU?

we’re having daily drops in connections which is seriously affecting our workflow so all help greatly appreciated on this matter

Mismatching MTU shouldn’t interrupt connectivity, it should just affect speed as more packets need to be sent to communicate the same data.

Correct - MTU is not the same as Ethernet frame size (which is what Jumbo frames and 1500 vs 9000 relates to), and so probably has nothing to do with your issue.