This is a port of the firefly iTunes media server, formerly known as mt-daapd. See http://www.fireflymediaserver.org/ for details.

To install, rename the file to mt-daapd.tar.gz to mt-daapd.tgz and copy it to the DroboApps directory, then restart the services via console or reboot. The configuration file mt-daapd.conf will be located inside the mt-daapd directory. It can be edited by hand, or the web GUI can be accessed at http://your.drobo.ip:3689 The web GUI password is set to mt-daapd (both login and password), but this can be changed in the configuration file. After the mp3 directory is set in the config file, just reboot or restart the application to have the database automatically populate itself. This has been tested for a small mp3 library.

Please post all bugs/questions to this thread. Enjoy!

Author: freebsdgirl


Does anybody know if “smartlists” are supported in this port?

I tried a sample playlist (with comments) here:
… but the server’s logfile returned:

Playlist error, line 2: syntax error, unexpected $undefined

For all i know i’m looking at playlist format for an older/newer version of mt-daap

Reason for asking is because i’d be interested in making a web i/f to generate such playlists.

Just a quick question… I have some mp3 showing up with album artwork and others not - even though when I had these in my local iTunes library they all showed album artwork correctly… How can I get the album artwork to appear in my iTunes client for mp3s I have in the shared libary??

Answered my own question: The example playlist file was in DOS (crlf) format and needs to be converted to UNIX (lf) then mt-daap is happy.

Hello - I’m trying like mad to get Firefly working on my DroboShare. I don’t know squat about linux, but I have followed all the directions I could find re: installation. I am able to install Firefly and see it from the DroboAbbs Admin browser page, but when I try to configure it from there, I get a “Firefox can’t establish a connection…” message.

After installing Firefly, the drobo was clearly indexing my Music folder, and the “songs.gdb” file is over 4MB (I have about 10,000 songs). When I open the “mt-daapd.log” file, I see the following:

2009-11-28 18:15:27: Starting rendezvous daemon
2009-11-28 18:15:28: Current database version: 8
2009-11-28 18:15:28: Starting signal handler
2009-11-28 18:15:29: Loading playlists
2009-11-28 18:15:29: Initializing database
2009-11-28 18:15:40: Starting mp3 scan
2009-11-28 18:20:14: Rendezvous socket closed (daap server crashed?) Aborting.
2009-11-28 18:20:14: Aborting

Can anyone help me please?

UPDATE: It was a problem with metadata for one of the songs in my iTunes library. I don’t know exactly what the issue was, but after reviewing the log file, I saw that the scan kept crashing at the same spot. I removed the next album in the list, and then the scan completed successfully. I used Magic MP3 Tagger to redo the metadata for that album, and now it all works. I actually think it was iTunes that screwed up the metadata upon import.