mSata SSD died

I just got a 5D and put a Crucial m500 mSata SSD in it. The SSD lasted about 4 days and today the Drobo dashboard indicated the SSD died. I don’t know at this point if the SSD is defective but I do wonder if this is a common problem with 5Ds. Has anyone had a SSD last in a 5D?

I have a 120GB Intel 525 that has been in my 5D since launch day (January 2013). Still reporting in ‘Good’ condition. I run about 400GB/week across my 5D.

Good to know, thanks. I’m thinking I’ll send that Crucial SSD back and see what their support says. Certainly a disappointing experience, especially because there was some data corruption when transferring data from a NAS to the Drobo when the SSD was installed.

My Drobo is about 15 months old, and my Crucial 64 GB mSATA is at 20% health (still showing good condition). I think that’s a very rapid decline in health.

I do understand that life expectancy of any drive in a Drobo won’t be the same as in desktops, but 80% in 15 months seems rather steep…

Any opinions?
Would a larger SSD have slowed the degradation process?


The weakness of consumer SSD’s is the number of P/E cycles you can subject the chips to.

Using a higher capacity drive allows you to use less of the space and let the firmware of the SSD leverage ‘wear-leveling’.

Drobo is correct when they state that 64GB is the sweet spot for performance enhancement, but they don’t mention that using a higher capacity drive will prolong the SSD life.

You don’t mention how much data you are writing across the Drobo in an average day/week/month. That will drastically affect SSD longevity.

You can also buy an external mSATA chassis and test your drive directly. I do this about once a year to apply firmware updates and run a secure erase on the drive.

A couple weeks ago I put in a Intel 525 64GB mSata in my 5D and it’s been working well so far. While I can’t say for sure if the Crucial mSata I used before was defective I think I’ll be sticking with Intel at this point.

BTW, the Intel mSata drive is still working fine as of Nov 5, 2014.