mSATA Life Deteriorating Too Fast

This past weekend I reset the Drobo so that I could take advantage of larger sized hard drives. Everything worked well with all of that. My main usage is as storage for PLEX and backups. I originally used the plex drobo app up until 6 mo ago when I switched over to a Windows PC.

I noticed on the dashboard that my mSATA life is at 83%. The ssd is almost 2yrs old. How is it that 17% life is gone in such a short amount of time?

I did a search on linux ssd trimming and found this blogpost.

Does the drobo run fstrim? If not is there a way I can schedule it to run? Is there anything I can do to extend the life?

Why do you think that is too fast?

I’d have said that about 5 -10 years is a pretty good life for an SSD, especially once which is fairly heavily used as it would be in a drobo.

Your wear is pretty much exactly where i would expect it to be.

What are you basing your expectations on?

I must be doing something different. I use my 5N the same as coffeekid and my three year old mSATA is still at 100%

I have no way of knowing drobo’s actual usage of the caching. I exported the diagnostics but didn’t see any measurements on usage.

The product page for the ssd gives the following:
Life Expectancy 1.2 million hours mean time to failure (MTTF)
Endurance 72TB total bytes written (TBW), equal to 40GB per day for 5 years

Given the amount of Netflix and Amazon I watch with the family there doesn’t seem to be any way that I am watching near this daily amount on the drobo. Assuming that the whole movie is cached, I would estimate my avg daily usage to be about 5gb a day.

hi, it might be worth trying some bandwidth tools, such as task manager, or performance monitor on windows, just to at least see how much traffic is flowing through the operating system, such as when doing nothing much, other than a movie in your example… does that show data (reads or writes) as much more than 5GB?

(you might need to add missing columns such as i/o bytes written etc to see them though)

Thank you for the suggestion. Task manager and performance monitors like that from sysinternals would show me what my pc is doing not what happening on the drobo.

I guess the only way to really know is to have caching info in the diag or to load some monitor tools on the drobo. Since I don’t have linux knowledge I probably don’t want to ssh into it and root around. Is there a viewer app that can tell me what is on the cache drive?

ah ok, if there is a particular program (with access to the drobo) like a vlc tool or something similar, that might still show the bytes read (through the program). (you could probably just see the filesize for everything you view though, and to add it up)

i guess that would only show you a minimum amount of data that you have seen, but maybe if you keep track of it like that (at least as much as possible) while keeping an eye on the % level, at least until it drops down by another 1 or 2 %, you might be able to guage a bit with regard to how much more elapsed time you have, based on what you usually do. (at least if it is a linear progression) :slight_smile:

i think there are some tools mentioned on the board, (possibly chkflash) that can show you how much data the card has read or written (but i think that needs to be removed and put in a standalone card reader)

one thing to bear in mind though, is that any program’s use of the files on the drobo, could also be causing the msata to be modified and optimised… for example, maybe you have thousands more tiny files on your drobo than dragon did, or possibly lots of small files that are being picked up as being changed (or accessed often, such as via some kind of search indexer or virus scan) and data is rewritten on msata?

btw just noticed theres a new version of chkflh this weekend.
i havent tried it yet but virus total seems to show no virus:

I have experienced this as well. My original Samsung 840 EVO mSATA 120 GB drive, which I purchased specifically for use with my Drobo 5N, died after about 2 years of use. Last year I replaced it with an 850 EVO (also 120 GB), and Drobo Dashboard is showing it as already being down to 68%. I feel like coffeekid is right, and perhaps the TRIM command is not being run properly?

hi mbesemann, do you have any more info about your computer and drobo setup?
and are there any programs or apps running often or in the background, that could possibly be accessing and updating/storing info on a regular basis, like maybe a database or a lightroom catalogue or something similar?

are you using spotify too?

Hi Paul,

Yes I use this Drobo as a Plex media server and it frequently downloads new content via NzbGet and Transmission. I would not say it’s constantly active 24x7 though.

thanks for the info,
it might be good to check what the rated amount of throughput is for your device, and then to try and see how much stuff you are “transmissioning” etc :slight_smile: through your drobo in this way, and then maybe you could scale it up based on how long you have been doing that for, or how long youve had the card too.

if it seems to match up with your usage so far, at least that way you would know if there is some corelation there too?[hr]
one example back in the day, i was backing up lots of data to cds, and lots of multimedia projects were generating huge amounts of file sizes, and for content and cgi renders etc plus backups for others, and long story short, the 1st cd burner i think got up to about 300 and broke, and the 2nd did about 500 and broke, so everything has a degree of wear and tear, even with wear levelling :slight_smile:

Just a thought, but transmission would be hitting it quite heavily I think, as things download and seed. – Plex should be ok.