mSATA installing process

Hi, Everyone:

I just bought a Drobo Mini and inserted with 3 drives.
But now I plan to add an mSATA to it.
After checking the installation guide, it said you
have to power off and remove drives before installing mSATA.
I know I have to power it off,
but does it necessary to remove all the drives since the power
have been off??
Thanks in advance!

I think the reason you have to remove the drives is so they don’t place undue stress on the backplane connectors when you flip the unit to install the card.

Also I think I read its good to do this as the drive can then start up empty with just the mSata drive. Could be non-sense but I installed my mSata first and no issues.

Saying that, it did take 24 hours for the mSata to show up in my Drobo Mini

Not sure if that was a software or hardware thing. Just a warning.