msata for 5d

resources on the drobo site on this topic seem rather stale, so i’m hoping to reach some folks with direct experience for the following questions:

anyone have anything concrete to share regarding whether adding MSATA to a drobo 5d objectively improves performance?

what kinds of performance diffs might i see? does it only affect reads, only writes, or both?

does MSATA accelerate drobo management tasks like rebuilding/migrating of content?

is performance dependent on size - e.g. larger is better? or is there some limit to how much MSATA space drobo can utilize?

any links to specific items/deals (e.g. amazon, newegg) to recommend?

hi, while i do not have any direct experience with msata, general consensus seems to be the following:

  • the larger the msata, the more expensive
  • larger ones have more cells and could outlast smaller ones
  • msatas with sandforce-based controllers are not recommended, and best to use the compatible list.
  • performance is on reads (as using it for writes would undermine some secure processes)
  • 128 seems to be popular
  • main benefit will be on small files, rather than large files (eg large zip files or multimedia files wont be improved as much vs small docs, images etc)

(this is of course based on my memory, how much coffee ive had, and my general perception but please hang in there for other views etc) :slight_smile: