mSATA failure caused by 5N

I have replaced 2 separate 64MB mSATA cards in my office 5N DROBO. I have been talking to tech support at PLEXOR and they are attributing the failure to DROBO driver software issue. The issue has to do with the PLEXOR mSATA failing due to untrimmed blocks. Since I do not have anything else to plug the mSATA into to which would allow me to run a manual trim outside the DROBO 5N I can’t confirm. Is this a know issue with any one else. They last about a year before failing.

That doesn’t look like one of the ones on the supported list.


However that list doesn’t seem to get updated very often and I personally have had very good luck with the Samsung 850 EVO mSATA (also not on the list). The primary issue seems to be with Sandforce controllers so check if your drive utilizes that.

I’ve been using a Plextor mSATA drive for a couple years now with no issues.


We are not that lucky. This DROBO 5N runs 24-7. Goes through nightly back-ups. So it gets a lot of use. This # mSATA # 2.

1 The PLEXTOR model # PX64M5M has a MARVEL controller.
2. I talked directly to PLEXTOR tech support they attribute my mSATA problem to DROBO firmware using the mSATA like RAM and hammering it all day long causing early failure.

I am not replacing the mSATA.

When my mDATA SSD failed was rejected by my 5N I didn’t bother replacing it and haven’t noticed any difference in performance. Meanwhile the SSD lives on inside a NUC.

My Cruical 128GB mSATA died a few months ago and I decided to not replace it. After some usage of my drobo I saw major performance issues reading large directory trees (media server) and I can only recommend using a mSATA in this case.

I am on my third Samsung Msata with Drobo 5 N, wondering if they are good and its the drobo, or if they can be saved, this is crazy!