MOZYdot com backups

hi guys, i think i first heard about it on one of the drobo forums/websearches but heres something that works great. do a mozy at home feature where you can pay cheaply and in essence back up as much data as you need. (best to check out their site for actual caveats or terms etc) but heres how ive been using it.

  1. Main computer
  2. drobo v1 (and v2) linked to it (via usb2)
  3. mozy account (free initially for 2Gigs then about 5 pounds a month and ive already got about 10gig there)

steps were as follows:
a) i backup my v1 onto my v2 every few months
= (local manual replication) (this has been semi automated now using syncback / synchback pro)

b) i specify certain folders or data sets to be backed up to mozy.
= (remote, encrypted, automatic schedules, including just changed data)

c) i can restore several versions of files if needed, eg if i overite a .wav file by mistake from yesterday i can get it back, or even go back to several days ago version.
= (version selectable, searchable restoration)

i just use it mainly for actual (made) data, like multimedia creations and design projects etc, (eg selective folders/ types of files, not as a full dump of a whole drobo) and it works great. have about 4000 files backed up (synchronised monitoring few times a day in case something changes) and about 10GB so far - works for me :slight_smile:

im sure theres better ways to achieve some of the above, especially my step a) (but at the moment i like knowing manually what ive done rather than automate everything until i know 100% its gong to work etc) :slight_smile:

(if you’ve ever cloned a hard drive using a blank destination as the “source” you’ll know what i mean!! LOL :smiley:

for people who know me already you know i dont work for them at all - just passing on what seems to be working great for me…

(gets a thumbs up from me) :slight_smile:

The question is, how much does it cost when you have several terabytes to back up?

And can you really, really trust a vendor in the “cloud” somewhere? Especially when their charges are so cheap?

My biggest problem is that now that I’m working at home, I no longer have an offsite Drobo I can use for a secondary or tertiary backup.

thanks for the comments Suite B

it seems to keep things online for about 1 month per file (with various versions per file) for as long as you keep the file.
eg once you define a backup set, when a file doesnt exist (locally) any more, after that time they stop keeping it remotely to keep in synch etc.

ahh i havent reached that much yet. it says for home users its free, only for business use you pay by the usage but i can imagine that amounting to quite a bit for business users.

Hi just to update this with some relevant info…

i recently tested out a full recovery option, (around 20GB) and it worked a treat.

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