Moving to Europe


This is my first thread here and the question I’m about to ask may be dumb, but Google didn’t help me this time so I had no choice.

I’m about to move to Italy next month and I know the voltage is different from the US. Can I just use a converter or should I buy a new power supply? If so, where can I find an official one?

Thanks in advance

Italy is 220V, US is 110V, and the plugs are different. Look on your power brick. The ones on my Drobos are OK for 100-240V. All you would need is to adapt the plug if that’s the case for yours. If you’re moving permanently I’d get another power cord if the cord on your brick is removable (at least one of mine is), otherwise a cheap plug adapter will be fine, get them on Amazon or somewhere and not at the airport to save you some money.

Something like this:

but check what plug type is in use where you’re going.