Moving the root home directory?

Is it possible to safely repoint the root home from /mnt/DroboFS to /mnt/DroboFS/home/root, or will this have other side effects on the operation of the DroboFS?

I know we typically avoid making changes to the root account on the DroboFS as this could have some serious repercussions (which is why I still manually invoke bash rather than setting it as the default shell). Are there any similar concerns with moving the location of root’s home directory? Right now it’s very awkwardly situated in /mnt/DroboFS, which as I add more user-specific items is getting cluttered.

Hmm… that is a difficult question.

I have never tried to move the root’s home directory, but I can tell you this: so far what I have seen in initialization and configuration scripts there is not a single hardcoded reference to the root’s home folder. So, in principle, changing it wouldn’t be a problem.

That being said, the NASD process is a (huge) black box. Who knows what happens in there, and whether or not it requires the home directory to be set there.

If you are not feeling so brave, you can always grab a PHP terminal and use it as a backup if somehow you can’t login anymore.