Moving off Drobo

I have a 1st generation drobo that I love, but I have outgrown it performance-wise. A drobo pro would be nice, but the price is just too high for me right now.

I would like to move the data off of it to a server. As I move data though, I would like to pull hard drives from drobo.

I started out with 1.5TB drives in all 4 bays. I removed enough data so I could safely remove 1 of the drives. I did so, added the drive to my new server, but drobo is still complaining.

It currently has 3 1.5 TB drives (2.69 TB of storage) with 1.67 TB Used and 1.02 TB Free. I have 3 green lights for the 3 bays with hard drives and 1 red light for the open bay.

However, it is saying it cannot protect against a drive fail and I should add a hard drive. Based on what I know of drobo, this is incorrect. I should still be able to lose a drive and not lose any data.

My concern is that I want to move enough space off of it so I can pull another drive. I am worried that if I do that, I will lose the array.

Anyone have any ideas? I have rebooted drobo a few times, run diagnostics, etc. Everything appears to be ok.

I am running drobo firmware 1.3.5 and dashboard 1.5.1


It would need to rebuild following the removal of the 4th drive, unless you’ve had 24-48 hours of the remaining three drives flashing green/yellow (rebuilding to a Sade state onyour 3 disks), before returning to solid green (and dashboard telling you your data is protected) DO NIT remove anymore drives!

What % usage does it show?

Are you able to remove anymore data from the array or do you not have space to out it?

It shows 50% usage now (1.35 TB Used, 1.35 TB Free). I am still removing data, but am getting close to the limit.

What I still don’t understand is why it still says my data is at risk. Basic rule for Drobo space = sum of all drive sizes - size of largest drive. That means I should have ~3.0 TB available (approx cause 1.5TB drive is only about 1.35TB). But still, I should have a healthy array right now, and should have all data protected. Then, once I remove a bit more, I should be able to safely remove another drive.

Is there a way to force a reconfigure of the array? Is that what I need to do?

Your data is at risk because you pulled a drive,and it has not yet rebuilt that missing information so if you loose a second drive it will break the array

Yes you need to make it rebuild

Get it as empty as possible, shut it down & the computer, restart it all

If it doesn’t start to rebuild then open a support case

Well, it didn’t start the rebuild after multiple power down and reboots.

Since I am getting rid of it, I think I will just go get an external hard drive to copy the data off to rather then open a support case. I am out of warranty anyways, and it will be quicker then letting the array rebuild.

It served its purpose well over the past 2 years. I just outgrew it. Hopefully the price point will drop on their products going forward.

ok, good luck :slight_smile: