Moving DroboPro to new Mac Server

I need to move a DroboPro to a new Mac server (OS X Server 4.0 Yosemite).

Can anyone tell me what is involved in this? Currently the DroboPro is connected to an Apple xServe (10.6.8) through iSCSI. It is switching to a new Mac Mini running Yosemite.

  1. Do I connect directly to the Mac Mini or to the router or to the switch?
  2. Do I use Dashboard to make the drive available to the new server so I can define permissions for users and groups?
  3. Any areas of concern I need to be aware of?

Thank you for any help!


Hello there,

  1. I think it could still be accessed from your router/switch, just ensure that the IP on your Drobo Pro unit and the Mac Mini is in the same subnet as your network. In any case, you could always revert to USB/FireWire to configure the iSCSI settings if there is any issues.
  2. Sorry I’m not sure…
  3. Yes, you would need to get the right Java version. Ensure you use this version on Mac:

You might want to perform a clean uninstall of your Java on it, reboot Mac, download and install the Oracle and Apple Java, and reboot Mac again, that should work.