Moving Drobo to another computer

I am going to move my Drobo to another computer and want to be sure of one thing before I do so. I couldn’t find it in the knowledge base maybe because it’s a fairly obvious answer but I am paranoid.

I simply have to properly unmount and unplug the Drobo from its current host computer, install Drobo Dashboard to the new computer, plug everything back and it should mount just as it were before moving it, right?

And actually, if I were to plug it to a computer without Drobo Dashboard, it would still mount as an external drive, with normal read and write access, right? Since Drobo Dashboard is just needed to set up Drobo and doesn’t even need to be running to use it.

correct, you dont actually need dashboard, dashboard is only used for configuring drobo and seeing detailed status - without dashboard it works just like any other usb drive.

Awesome, thanks.

Now to move it 1 ft away from my laptop to my desktop computer. Actually, I don’t even need to physically move the Drobo, just the cables.