Moving Drobo to a new computer - NOT drive migration

Hi all.

My Mac Pro crashed and I lost my OS (the Drobo was switched off at the time so all data on there should be safe). However, I need to set my Drobo up on a new Mac Pro.
It’s exactly the same Drobo with the same drives. I just need to know if I connect it to the new Mac Pro will the Drobo get formatted or will all my data stay safe?
Anything I need to do before turning it on once connected to the new Mac Pro?

I’ve already downloaded the latest Drobo dashboard, so that’s all ok.

Good to go.

So, I just simply plug in and all will be ok?

From what you have described originally it should be fine.
I swap my Drobo between a Mac Mini and MacBook Pro each with a different MacOS, without serious concern - obviously turning off the Drobo before switching Macs.