Moving Drobo from PC to Droboshare

I have a first generation Drobo currently plugged into my PC. It’s formatted with two 2 TB NTFS volumes, which show up as two different drive letters. All is well and good as far as that goes.

I’d like to move this Drobo off of my PC and onto a Droboshare. The problem I’m having is that when I plug it into the Droboshare, the Droboshare only sees the data on the first volume, and I have no way to access the data on the second volume. Worse, it reports all the data that was on the second volume as unused space.

Thankfully when I plug it back into my PC, both volumes reappear with data in tact.

How can I use my Drobo with the Droboshare without losing any of the data on either volume?

I would recommend running CHKDSK from the command prompt.
Sounds like you have data corruption.

The droboshare is more sensitive to data corruption and won’t mount the drive.