Moving drobo around..

Hi, I’m a drobo “newcomer” :slight_smile:

What’s the safest way to move the drobo around? (say: moving house). Disks out?

Upon re-connection, do the drives need to be already in?
Is the order of the disks important (i.e. each drive needs to be in the same slot?)

thanks a lot!

If I was going to pack it to move it outside the house, I’d remove the drives first. Put the drives back in before powering. I think I read that the drives do not need to be in the same order, but I’d still do it. :slight_smile:

indeed - disks out is the safe way - it is not designed to be moved with disks in

I move mine fairly regularly- disks out - and in these convenient cases.

That might be overkill for a one time move. I like those cases because I backup to bare drives in an external dock. I have a growing pile of bare drives that deserve better protection than those anti-static bags.

Do a good proper power down with a safe removal and reinstall the drives before powering up. You never want to remove or reinsert good drives with the power on. That might make the Drobo think the drive failed, or at best it’s tempting fate.