Moving disks from Gen 2 to Gen 3

This is my first post here. Apologies if my question is in the wrong section.

My Gen 2 stopped working, switches off about 15 seconds after startup. Took my drives out, took it to a service centre. Apparently the power supply is the issue and it cannot be repaired. So I bought a Gen 3.

Need some advice on the procedure to follow to install the drives in the Gen 3 without loosing data.
I have followed the instructions that I found on the Drobo site but can’t get it to work; I have installed the old drives in the Gen 3, connect to Mac, switches it on but is switches off after about 2 seconds.

My dashboard is version 2.6.3. I don’t have an idea what version of firmware was on the old Gen 2. I did update regularly but I am not sure if it had the latest version.


You probably have old drives in the unit that maybe failing or had failed.

First, perform a test to check the unit boots up okay without the drives inserted.

  • Shutdown Drobo unit.
  • Remove ALL drives.
  • Boot up unit without drives.

If the unit boots up okay, the top light of the unit should show red, and shortly after Drobo Dashboard should detect the unit.
If this is so, we have established that the unit is in working condition.

From here, perform a slot flush individually on all the drives inserted. Note which drive did not boot up okay, you would be needing to perform a block level clone on it.

If this is so, and after the cloning is done. Reseat the cloned drive(s) with the rest of the drive into the Drobo unit and boot it up.
The Drobo should go into rebuilding mode (flashing orange and green) and should be stable shortly after.
You could look into the reply from the thread for more details.