Moving Disks Between Drobo's

This is a general question asked in a specific context.

I have two Drobo Gen 2’s, the first is 4x3TB and the second is 4x1TB.

I am going to replace the 3TB disks on the first with 4TB disks. Naturally I will do this one by one until the Drobo has 4x4TB, and I have 4x3TB disks just laying around. (Yes, this will take a while, I know!)

My question is this, and I hope it is not Drobo model specific, can I then take the these four 3TB disks, and replace them one by one in the other Drobo bringing it to 4x3TB instead of 4x1TB?

It’s another way of asking… Does one Drobo care if drives inserted into it came from another Drobo?

Thanks, JC

While I’m not 100% sure, my bet would be: yes, that should work. Just don’t replace the disks on the second Drobo with the unit switched off as this could “confuse” it.