Moving 5D from Win10 to OSX 10.11

Been running my 5D on PC/Windows 10 via USB3 (Drobo Dashboard 2.6.9, Drobo Firmware 3.1.1) with no issues. Looking to move it to my iMac (OSX 10.11) via Thunderbolt (Drobo Dashboard 2.7.1). 5D is configured with 2x4TB+3x3TB (all WD RED NAS HDDs), single drive redundancy.

A few questions:

  1. Any known issues with such move? Will the 5D be immediately recognized and files readable on the Mac?
  2. Realizing NTFS format won’t be writable on OSX, can I run a conversion utility (such as the Paragon NTFS-HFS converter) that will convert file format IN PLACE on the 5D? Anyone had any experience/success with that?

I appreciate any assistance!



By default OSX only support READ_ONLY NTFS.

There is a simple solution for you, which is best of both world.

**Instead of converting (inline) a NTFS to HFS … which I strongly not recommended as this may cause issue and it there is any problem with the inline conversion… you risk all your data (unless you have another backup).

The best way to have OSX READ/WRITE NTFS is simply purchase and install NTFS driver for Mac from Paragon or Tuxera.

https : // www . paragon - software . com / home / ntfs - mac /

http: // www .tuxera . com / products / tuxera - ntfs - for - mac /

**sorry about the “space”, as drobo forum will ban user posting url linking to outside domain. Thinking is a spam for advs.

Installing these NTFS driver for Mac will allow your Mac to read write NTFS volume without having to do any CONVERSION. The Drobo 5D will still be in NTFS format. Connecting it to the Mac with wither NTFS for Paragon or Tuxera, your mac will have access FULL read/write.

And the benefit is that, you can unmount 5D from Mac and connect it later to a Windows… and still have access to the data as it is still NTFS.


Many MAC users using these for accessing NTFS drive such as external USB drives which is formatted for NTFS. Including me…

Under no circumstances would i even try this!

I am 99% sure it will totally destroy all of your data.

Drobo works because it understands the file system - and it can tell what blocks are in use and therefore need protecting, and which blocks are empty and can therefore be reused.

during the conversion process the filesystem will be transitioned from one type to another and therefore drobo wont have any idea of what to protect and what not to protect and will almost certainly start overwriting blocks which are in use, thinking that they are empty.