Moved folder in drobo and it function?

Im having trouble copying to drobo on my new pc.i was experimenting moving folders around in drobo which i could do,except to a particular folder housing my stored ip camera footage.when i move a folder there it disappears.i looked for the missing folder in others hoping i misplaced there any way to search drobo for the folder name.

1st gen drobo with share

when did you last run chkdsk on it?

(i am expecting the answer is probably never since its connected via droboshare?)

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it was this time last year we were joking about that project of mine to convert other media to the drobo - i guess we know what i’ll be doing this newyear too… the continuation of it lol) :slight_smile:

btw from the above reply does that mean that running a chkdsk through a droboshare is a definite nono?

its just not possible - you cant run a chkdsk on a network share (since the share just presents the file structure - it doenst actually allow access to the filesystem itself)

in order to run chkdsk the drobo needs to be directly attached to the pc/mac so that your computer can actually acess hte underlying filesystem

once a month droboshare owners should unplug drobo from the share and plug it directly into their computer in order to actually chek the filesystem is in good order.

thanks for the recap

Please be sure to do the following to safely attach the Drobo to the computer:

  1. Put the Drobo into standby from Dashboard.
  2. Disconnect the short USB cable from the Drobo.
  3. Connect a longer USB cable from the Drobo to a port in the BACK of the computer.

The Drobo should then wake up, the volume should mount on the desktop and you can run check disk on the volume. To run check disk on the Drobo’s volume(s):

  1. Open My Computer and note the drive letter(s) of the Drobo’s volume(s).
  2. Go to Start > Run, type CMD in the field and click OK.
  3. Type CHKDSK B: /X replacing B with the drive letter you noted earlier.
  4. Press enter and let the check disk run. If errors are found and fixed, run it again until no errors are found. Do this for each volume on the Drobo.

To safely reconnect the Drobo to the DroboShare:

  1. Put the Drobo into standby from Dashboard.
  2. Disconnect the long USB cable from the Drobo.
  3. Disconnect the main power cable from the Y cable.
  4. Reconnect the short USB cable the Drobo.
  5. Reconnect the main power cable back to the Y cable to power up the Drobo and DroboShare together.

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