Move fs drives to a firewire drobo

I researching getting rid of damn FS unit. Does anyone know if I can move the formatted drives from the FS in a new Firewire drobo and have them be read correctly? It’s either that or go with different system entirely.


In short, no.
In medium, they’re formatted and laid out completely differently.

You cannot just move the drives, but what you can do if you have free space on fs is remove one drive. The fs will report failure but it you let it sit and it doesn’t need the drive for capacity it will recognize that and go green. So remove one let it sit until its green then remove another. This should get you 2 drives to put into the FireWire drobo let start moving files from fs to FireWire drobo. As files come off fs you can remove drives and put them into FireWire drobo to essentially move capacity from one drobo to the next. It’s time consuming but it will work.