move files on drobofs

I was trying to run drobocopy on my a backup of my user files and it was running for 4+ days never finishing. There should be about 1.2 tb of data. I figured that maybe drobocopy was slowing the transfer. So i have stoppped the drobo copy and copied only my photos folder (400 gigs), and then tried to move the new photos folder and replace the one created by drobocopy. So far it has been running for 5 hours and the status just says 2kb of zero kb with no estimated time remaining. Is this normal I figured since the files are already on the drobofs they should move quickly. Also I cannot get the info (cmd_I) to see how big the folder is I used to be able to do that. Did the last drobo upgrade break that option it just sits at the info window try to determine how big itis.