Move Drobo Pro from Apple Mac Server to Windows Server

Hi Guys

I would like to move my Drobo Pro device that’s connected to an Apple Server via USB to my new Windows Server. What are the implications to making this move? There is over 8 TB of data on the Drobo connected to the Apple server and this Apple server is going to be decommissioned as soon as i make the move. Do i have to move all the data off of the Drobo device then format as NTFS when connecting to the Windows server? The Drobo device will be connected via the LAN once its setup again.

Thank you

The bad news is that you probably do need to move your data, the good news is that you don’t actually have to move it OFF your Drobo.

I think there are windows apps which would let you read and write to HFS, but I wouldn’t advise using those long term.

Since you have a DroboPro you can manually create additional volumes on your Drobo.

What you need to do is create a new volume on your DroboPro and format it is NTFS. Then move your data from the HFS volume on your DroboPro to your NTFS volume on your DroboPro.

Then you can delete your HFS volume and plug your DroboPro into your windows machine.

Hi Docchris

Thank you for the information and prompt response.

thats quite a good feature of the drobo pro, pro after all :slight_smile:

do you know if there are any other models that allow this to be done?