Move drives from one drobo to another drobo

I have one simple question. Can I move my drives from one Drobo V2 to another Drobo V2 without loosing data?

You can move them without problems, just keep the set of drives together. You need to make sure both Drobos are on the same firmware version before transfering. It does not matter the order of the drives, as long as they’re all moved together.

Just reading this, what happens if you archive a set of drives and put them in another drobo in a years time, you won’t be using the same firmware version, so does this mean archived sets are useless?

Good question!

it got me thinking as on other threads there is mention of storing drive sets but no mention of using the same firmware. What will happen if you use a newer firmware?

Can you also move a set of drives from a Drobo to a DroboPro, and vice-versa (assuming enough bays, of course)?

When you place the archived disk pack back into the drobo and there was a firmware update since that disk pack was in that drobo, you will be prompted to update the firmware on the diskpack.

Once a disk pack has been migrated from a 2nd gen drobo to a drobopro, you cannot move the disk pack from the pro to the drobo.

These links go in more detail:


So your saying that there isn’t actually a problem putting an archived set back into a newer firmware drobo, all that will happen is that it will ask to update the firmware again. Does that mean tha the firmware is stored on the disk pack and not on the drobo itself?

The information is stored on both.

I didn’t see a migration from Drobo v1 to v2 on http://www.drobo.com/migration/. But on the other link it said that i can move my disks from v1 to v2 if they are on the same firmware.
Is this information still valid?

1 second… a key factor is that (afaik) the drobo unit must be powered OFF before you remove or instert packs of disks

Yeah, maybe i should have said that too. But i meant move from v1 too v2 when they are offline.