Move diskpackfrom Drobo-FS to Drobo-V2?


Can I move a diskpack from a Drobo FS to a Drobo V2?

Doesn’t look like that is supported. The FS is kind of in it’s own world when it comes to disk packs.

For the full lowdown on what can transfer where check out this
Or head on over to support.datarobotics.com and check out KB article 274

No disk packs cannot be migrated to or from the FS.

Interesting, what’s so special about the storage system on the FS that prevents migration?

It’s automatically formatted to EXT3, 16TB volume size.

Also the firmware on the diskpacks prevent it.

[quote]Also the firmware on the diskpacks prevent it.
Does that mean that a future firmware update could allow it?

I seriously doubt it. The firmware for the FS is completely different from any other drobo.