Mounting via Drobo Dashboard (sleep/wake)

If we use the Drobo Dashboard to mount the drives (OS X via AFP for example) … does it do a good job at keeping the shares mounted when a computer wakes up from sleep?

Or should I forgo the Drobo Dashboard for this purchase, and get an app like Drive Mounter (Mac App Store)?

You could do, and some people do. I have tended to auto-mount my Drobo shares as a start-up item in the log-in section of preferences on OS-X. Not really paid much attention to the waking after sleep as my mounts (till this point) haven’t been vital, but I’m rearranging files/shares now, so it may be sensible. Others with more experience will comment, I’m sure.

I’ve written quick AppleScripts to handle drive mounting as needed, but I also don’t have a need for mounting after wake. Definitely avoid using Drobo Dashboard for this - it’s buggy, unreliable, and simply mounts things incorrectly.

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I use the OSX auto mounter. Assuming you know your way around unix, here’s a very brief howto (adjust as needed):

prepare directory where your mountpoints will reside:

sudo mkdir /mnt
sudo chmod 555 /mnt/

add a line to /etc/auto_master (no need to adjust):

/mnt auto_mymounts

create /etc/auto_mymounts

sudo touch /etc/auto_mymounts
sudo chmod 600 /auto_mymounts

add shares to /etc/auto_mymounts, one share per line (change > to >> after the first line or just use an editor):

sudo echo “tmp -fstype=afp afp://user:pass@drobo_hostname/sharename_on_drobo” > /etc/auto_mymounts

restart automounter

sudo automount -vc

Voila, your share named sharename_on_drobo will be auto-mounted once you access /mnt/tmp

ls /mnt/tmp

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