mounting / unmounting problem?

I just googled my problem and got somebody who has nearly the same problem:

We were on LaCie products and I am now trying to copy the data from one RAID to the new DROBO S RAID. For the third time…

I am not able to mount the DROBO S after disconnecting from one Mac to another. Drobo Dashboard sees the Drobo (5x WD Green 2TB) but I cannot mount it.

Any ideas?

If I am working directly on the drobo (on Mac A) its working seamlessly…

What OS are you using? Mac OS like your quoted problem, or something else?

What connection method are you using (USB, eSATA, FW)?

Sometimes it can take a few minutes before the share mounts (this happens on Windows at least).

Are you connected via USB, FW or eSATA?

What version of dashboard are you running?
What version of firmware is your Drobo S?

What OS are you on?

When you moved from one mac to another, did you shut down the Drobo S first?

Thanks for the fast answers!

Here are our specs:

  • Mac OSX 10.6.3 Client / Server
  • Drobo Dashboard 1.6.8
  • Drobo Firmware is at the latest version (2.0.1)
  • Connected via FW 800 (Mac mini)

When you moved from one mac to another, did you shut down the Drobo S first?
–> I used the “eject” command from OSX

Maybe it’s also a drive-failure…but how can i check that with quickly with 5 drives? If I am trying to format the drobo, the first try isn’t successful. After the second, third round I have the Drobo volume on my desktop…

You should not be using the eject button. You should be going into dashboard and using the “shut down” command button when moving from one computer to another.

If a drive failed, the drive light would be blinking red next to it.

If you were having format issues, swapping cables would more than likely help.

Thanks Jennifer.

I am going to use that command from now on. All lights are green – and I am now trying to copy the data from the old LaCie Raid for the third time.

Its only around 1TB…maybe swapping cables is a good idea?!

Yes. It is one of the first things we recommend in tech support when there are any issues mounting, formatting, etc.

I have a new Drobo v2, 3x2TB, 1x1TB.

Everything seems to work well, but after a TM Backup it seems to dismount the drive on FW800.

Mac Pro early 2008, 2x2.8 Zeon, 10 GB Ram.

About 800GB Data.

Changed cable, but sure that is not the problem. I am using Time Machine Scheduler, I might disable it… will come back.