Mounting the old NAS drive


I just picked up a new Drobo 5N. I want to copy all the files from my old NAS onto the Drobo. There are just under 2TB of files on the old NAS.

To minimize the network load, what I’d like to do (unless anyone has a better suggestion) is to log into the Drobo, mount the old NAS, and issue the rsync command to copy everything. That way, the files are all transferred directly from the old NAS to the new NAS, without having to go through a laptop or workstation.

I have installed openssh, screen and rsync.

I have created the target directory /mnt/old_nas

However, the mount command isn’t working. The command

mount -t cifcs //old_nas_server/Volume_1 /mnt/old_nas

results in an error “No such device”. If I change it to

mount -t cifs //GUEST@old_nas_server/Volume_1 /mnt/old_nas

I get the error “No such file or directory”.

I’ve also tried adding the following line to /etc/fstab:
//old_nas_server/Volume_1 /mnt/old_nas cifs rw,users,nosuid,exec,auto 0 0

but I get the same “No such device” error.

Question 1: Is my approach the best way to minimize network traffic?

Question 2: If so, any suggestions on how to get mount to recognize the old NAS?

By default the 5N is not able to mount CIFS/SMB shares from other machines.

Thanks. When you say “by default” are you implying that there are settings that can be changed, or apps that can be installed, that will allow this to happen?

The question is, how much time and effort are you determined to take, just to save your network (Gigabit, I presume?) from being saturated for 5 and a half hours :wink: Fire up a regular file copy and you’ll probably be done before the next post arrives. Just sayin’.