Mounting NFS when locally connected.

Hey all,
So my Drobo is usually in the front room next to my router and I connect to it wirelessly from a couple different Macs. Due to noise, I want to move the Drobo into another room. The first thing I tried was to just plug it in to the Mac Mini in the spare room and mount it via NFS however I can’t, I just get errors saying I don’t have permission to mount it. I am trying to connect using the connect to server dialogue in finder which has worked fine when it was connected to the router. Has anyone else found they can’t connect via NFS when connected directly to their computer rather than through a router?

I tried connecting with a static IP but got the same error. Any thoughts?

The main difference connecting through the router versus not, assuming you’re using a crossover cable or your ports auto-crossover, is that you most likely no longer have DHCP.

This means you should set a static IP and subnet mask on both devices to ensure predictability.

If you’ve done that (wasn’t sure if you used static IP on both sides or not), then next to check is Firewall restrictions.

It should also be noted that NFS tends to rely on IP addressing for its security and configuration, so changing IP’s can easily cause MFS mounts to be unavailable.