Mounting issue MacOS

macOS Big Sur 11.4

Drobo 5C attached directly to the iMac.

My issue is that when I restart the Mac, the Drobo appears to incorrectly mount, it shows generic Mac icons for external drives.

Then 20min later or so ejects itself (I get the MacOS warning about disconnecting drives) Then it proceeds to mount properly from then on.

Is there something that I can do to fix this behaviour?

I am having similar issues. Unmounting often and the drobo icon moving from generic to the drobo icon.

This seems to have started with the Big Sur updates.

Anyone find a fix?

Sadly have heard nothing. Presumed this must be fairly widespread, can’t believe it’s just my iMac.

Would be great if anyone knows the answer.

I updated my Mac to the latest macOS Big Sur 11.5 today and but just before I did I checked Drobo to see if there was an update and I saw there was so I updated it as the new macOS Big Sur 11.5 was downloading to my mac. Well now once again my Drobo 8D will not remount back. I have client videos to edit and files I need to access this is frustrating!!

Same problem for me on Mac OS 12.3.
My 5C was working fine, but running out of space. I sustituted one of the 2 tb drives with a 4 tb drive. It created a 3rd drive instead of the 2 mounted from the Drobo. But it left a remnant of one of another drive and didn’t delete ot when requested. Fortunately, I was able to copy all of my valuable archival data to standard 4 tb drives.

I then purchased 5 4tb drives and installed them. They formatted into a single 12tb capacity mounted drive. I then started copying my previously saved archive back to the drobo. Unfortunately, I got the same drive dismounting problems discussed here.

Interestingly, at first when I was copying files from the drobo to the external drive, I got the dismount problem. I, for no particular reason, connected the drobo to a usb hub that I’ve had for a couple of years. It made me wonder if, somehow there it was a connection speed issue. I’ll try connecting it to an old laptop I have and see what happens.

Anybody with more info, please respond.

My issue was an incompatible drive. When I replaced the drive for a “compatible” drive the random disconnects seemed to resolve.

I used WD Red drives, initially all red drives were supported but Drobo, then changed the technology within the drive CMR vs SMR changed

You now need to have the WD Red plus to get the compatibility that Drobo supports.

I know this may not be the case in your example but it’s what fixed it for me. Making sure the drive is CMR technology.

Thank You for the update, much appreciated!