Mounting Hard Drives (no RAID)

Hello everyone,

This is my first post here and I’m trying to answers a question I can’t find anywhere:

Can I mount my Hard Drives with Drobo WITHOUT the Raid ? I don’t want Drobo to format them as soon as they are placed!

The thing is, I’m new to Raid and I needed a place to store the drives and mount them for use on a new Mac Pro the company is getting for me. Simple as that. BUT, nowhere there was evident information saying that my drives would be FORMATTED as soon as I plugged them in! Geez! That’s terrible! Drobo should consider having an explicit “IMPORTANT” notice to all that are moving from old Mac Pros (which have 4 internal bays for storage) to NEW ones (which don’t have any and we need external storage solutions) and want to keep their old Drives functioning with all their stuff in them.

But, so happens, I already ordered the Drobo - which I’m not sure if it’s the Drobo4 or 5D yet they got - and now I’m worried they wasted money!
Oh man…

Please, do help. If only I could disable Raid and use it as a normal HDD Case, that would be nice. In the future we can try and use the Raid functions… but now right now.


No, drobo always consolidates your drives as one big storage.

Oh my… I’m done for.
Drobo Guys REALLY should be explicit in that matter.
“Connected drives will be formatted for Raid use”.

They are!
Have you even looked at product description or any How it works videos?

Product description says nothing about “Drives will be automatically formatted”.
And videos ? Where ? I had to do a Google search and found this one. And it still doesn’t even come CLOSE to mention drive formatting. Just sad… for me.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

No, I’m sorry. This is blindingly obvious. You insert a disk, it adds it to the disk pack - that requires formatting.