Mounting / Connected / Mapping ??

I am having trouble with some software not being able to “see” (browse to) the shares on my Drobo FS. I have cloud-backed data on KeepVault and want to restore some of it to my Drobo, but KeepVault’s software cannot find the Drobo appliance.

The Drobo is running in a network with a Win XP Pro desktop and two Win 7 laptops.

When I set up a share in the Drobo Dashboard it is listed as “Available” with an empty checkbox. If I check that box the shares’ status changes to “Connected” with a drive letter assignation.

Question 1) Is the share now “mapped” in the old sense? Is there a difference between “connecting” and “mapping”?

Question 2) I suspect that it is normal for a “Mapped” drive to have a different drive letter assignation if you “look” at it from different computers on the network – right?


You are correct on both counts; Dashboard will automatically create a drive mapping for you by checking the box and will choose the next available drive letter on that particular computer. You can also manually map the share through Windows Explorer, if you prefer. You may want to check support/FAQ for KeepVault to see if it supports network drives.