Mounting and/or/vs. Mapping ??

I’ve been using KeepVault to backup the folders on my Windows Home Server (Ver 1) to “the cloud”. I now want to have KeepVault restore some of the backed up folders to my Drobo-FS.

I created a share in the Drobo-FS’s Dashboard called “ReLocWHS” to use as a destination for the incoming restoration files but have not been able to make KeepVault Restore “see” the Drobo Share. I’ve clicked the checkbox in the Dashboard the Share is now “Connected” – versus its previous “Available” state.

And, I have mapped the Share in Windows (XP Pro) as a Network Drive. It shows in Windows Explorer as “ReLocWHS on ‘Drobo FS (Samba V. 3.4.4) (’(X:)”, but, again, I am not able to see/target it in KeepVault as an alternative destination.

Where have I gone wrong?