Mountain Lion / Time Machine on Drobo Gen 1?

I’m currently running Lion (10.7.5) with a first generation Drobo. It’s working fine with this setup:

Dashboard: 1.8.4 (1.8.38139)
Firmware: 1.3.7 (1.254.30359)

From what I can tell from the Lion FAQ, I should be running firmware 1.3.8, but it’s unclear to me on what Dashboard version I should be using (lists 2.2.x, 2.1.x, 1.8.x) (actually on a page referenced from Lion FAQ, Downloading Older Versions of Drobo Software)

When I boot up, Drobo is telling me new firmware (1.4.2) and new dashboard (2.0.3a) is available.

Now that my iPhone 5 is on its way, I want to upgrade my iMac to Mountain Lion. I know the 1st gen Drobo has been declared end of support, which I assume is why there is no info on the Drobo Support for Mountain Lion page.

Has anyone had any success running Time Machine on 1st gen Drobo on Mountain Lion? If so, what version of firmware and dashboard are you using?


hi ray,
im not too sure about mac, but i still use a gen 1 on windows
Dashboard = 1.7.3 (1.7.30095)
Firmware = 1.3.7 (1.254.30359)

and i have no intention of updating something that works perfectly well so far.
i’d recommend you fight off the temptation to do a “quick” upgrade as tempting as a mountain lion might be :slight_smile: until you find out more info from when the others read the board. (just in case you rush and end up with a mountain goat instead) :smiley:

Agree with Paul here… Apple does a great job of making you believe you MUST upgrade to each new version. Problem is, sometimes that upgrade involved upgrading your attached hardware as well, when something is no longer supported by the new OS, etc.

Be wise and wary when upgrading - this goes for EVERYTHING. Newer is not always better, nor is it always necessary.