Mount Failed on 5N2

Got a brand new Drobo 5N2 a few days ago and tried to put it in service over the weekend. I inserted brand new HDD’s, installed the newest Firmware 4.1.2, but constantly get “Critical” health and a “Mount Failed” error. Tried everything I found in support documents: Reset, repair, manually update firmware followed by repair and so on, with and without HDD’s in slots. When HDD’s are in slots all lights are green. Once repair is finished, I get “Good” health but am forced to do a restart. Once restarted in goes back into “Mount Failed” error and “Critical” health. I did open a support ticket and sent the diagnostics. But perhaps someone from the community knows a trick I have not yet tried. Thank you.

Just an update: My 5N2 is now working. I unplugged it for 24 hours, plugged it in, did another reset and this time it apparently initialised the OS and all works as intended.

By repair did you mean the Drobo Dashboard > Tools > Repair option? If so, how many/what size drives did you have in your Drobo 5N2 and how long did the repair take initially? I have 4x2TB and 1x3TB and it’s been running for over 7 hours now…

What is this reset you mention?

Mind you, yours was new with new drive so probably went pretty quick…

Yes, it went rather fast but apparently was not sticky the first few times as it always came back with the same error. Only after leaving the system off for quite some time and also unplugging it, the repair seemed to re-initialise the OS.
The reset function can be found under “Tools”.

Thanks for the response. Mine actually finished - successfully thank goodness - after about 10 hours of no indication of how long it would take. Currently have just under 5TB of data on it. Mostly just posting this in case others have similar questions - wasn’t easy finding this thread, or any, about this process on a 5N2.

Great to hear that it worked for you. Best, Urs

Having the same issue with a FS right now. The repair takes no time at all, restart, same issue. Tried the manual firmware, no luck. Tried a reset with no drives, no luck. Really out of options right now, with 5TB of data on the drives.

Try to shut down, unplug and leave the system off to some time. I did leave it off for 24 hours. After that I started it up, did the reset and it initialized the system. Good luck.

Thanks! That is where I am at. Shut down at 2PM. Will wait to try tomorrow. Just odd that would work, it was off for nearly 24 hours originally. Willing to try anything at this point.

Not knowing if it really made a difference, I also unplugged the system and took it from the grid for the said time.

Giving it a shot now. Did the same, power cord and ethernet were unplugged for 24+ hours.

When you say “reset”, are you referring to the repair? Or an actual reset? Know there are options for both. The repair is not looking promising, again took only about five minutes, restarted the device - now waiting.

Edit: no luck. Took a long time to show back up in the dashboard, recognized all my data and then mount failed. Typically it gets through 1TB before saying mount failed.

Sorry to hear - I assume I was lucky. I tried what I found in the support documents: Reset, repair, manually update firmware followed by repair and so on, with and without HDD’s in slots. The only thing working for me was the “unplug everything” approach. Wishing you luck. Best, Urs

So a month later and still at this.

I have the special firmware installed and can SSH to my Drobo. However, when I go to /mnt/DroboFS - it is empty. Yet the Drobo Dashboard is still showing me that there is 5TB+ used. My data has to be there somewhere, it is just held hostage by Drobo. Any ideas?