mount failed - detected an internal problem

Last week, my new Drobo-FS didn’t mount anymore on mac/pc. The dashboard says “Mount failed - Your drobo detected an internal problem…”

I tried the tips&tricks on the Drobo supportpage: boot without network cable, but this doesn’t help. I also tried to change to a dynamic ip-address in the home network, but no luck.

I can’t reach the Droboapps page by Droboadmin, http://my-ip-address in the network:8080/droboadmin/ but I still can reach the drobo dashboard and can see the data-availability under “drobo status”. Working with 1.8.3 and latest firmware. The problems started since the Drobo fs got a bit full, and one harddrive light turned from green to yellow. I used 85% of available space. Would the drobo mount again when I insert a bigger drive?

Please open a support ticket.

Hello, Thanks. I fixed it myself, just by using the key combi Ctrl + Shift + M in Drobo Dashboard, to activate the internal filecheck. This worked!

Wouldn’t it have been nice if kbradley could have suggested that? You know, something useful to the community reading…

Yeah, but if the tech support ticket stats go down, kbradley might be out of a job too. Hence this being a “community” forum. It’s a slippery balance bar.

Bazinga! :smiley:

FYI, the tech support people I mailed couldn’t give me this answer. I just found it by googling, and google referred to a hidden answer on the drobo support page…Anyway, it works again.

This has been my experience too. I’ve waited three days without a response now. I found the knowledge base was pretty limited too. I’ve currently got my fingers crossed that the Ctrl-Shift-M File System Check will correct the issue. I’ve barely had the Drobo for a month - I’d literally just finished copying my data from a myriad of different sources and then this happened.

I can only blame myself if data is lost, but are there any suggestions on mitigating the chances of this happening in the future? I’m guessing a power outage might’ve caused this issue so an UPS is definitely an option. Are there any general tips, health checks or best practices I should be aware of?

Here is the link to the KB, I found it by googling “Ctrl + Shift + M in Drobo Dashboard”
Thanks, mbargo! :slight_smile:

My pleasure :slight_smile:

I tried the CONTROL SHIFT M trick on a Drobo-FS before and it ran for 4-5 days straight doing the file check. The hard drive light stayed on solid all the time. We finally gave up on it…bit the bullet…and factory reset. This drobo was even set for dual redundancy. Kinda scarey, I never trusted the DroboFS after this…gotta have that backup of the dual redundant backup to be safe!

I don’t want to seem picky, but dual disk redundancy is not a backup.

Backup = separate copy of the data.
Fault-tolerance only provides preservation of the data.