More than one Volume


Can someone please assist me, I replaced a drive in my Drobo 5D. It asked me to format the drive, so I did. It’s now giving me two Volumes. How can I merge the two volumes without losing data ?

Most likely your Drobo was initially set up using 16 TB volume size, which used to be the maximum. After replacing the drive (I assume with a larger one) you added enough capacity to warrant another 16 TB volume. You asked about merging them…you cannot. The volume size is fixed and cannot be changed without a complete reset of the Drobo, which of course would wipe your drives of all data.

If you choose to proceed, you will want to copy all your data to another device…computer, external hard-drive, etc. and verify your Drobo has firmware version 3.5.0 or higher. A pinhole reset will reset your Drobo and will reconfigure with the new maximum 64 TB volume size. After this is complete you can copy your files back into your Drobo.