More space to Drobo


Hi there,
it is maybe an easy question, but I cannot find the solution neither in this forum nor in the manuel: I own a Drobo 5D and when I installed it, I chosed the biggest storage (16TB). Now my drobo is almost full and I wanted to replace a 4TB Harddriive with a 8TB harddrive, which is in total more than 16 TB. Now Drobo Dashboard asks me, how I would like to name the new Volume and if it should format it. Since I turn white if I read format, I just want to make sure, that Drobo Dashboard only means the new (and empty) Volume and not the whole system?!?! And what will happen now actually? Do I need to upgrade to a new Drobo in the next months, since I only can have 16TB (Which is almost nothing these days) or is there any chance for an update that i can change the size to 32TB for example?

Thanks for your help!


What you’re seeing is normal. You already have (and use) a 16 TB volume, and Drobo wants to create another 16 TB volume because of the increased capacity from the new drive. Go ahead and format it since you cannot use the increased space without it. You can have multiple 16 TB volumes running on one Drobo, so no worries there.

I just checked the specs for the 5D, and utilizing the latest firmware it can have up to a 64 TB volume size …but this requires a reset of the Drobo which would completely wipe your drives. Having a backup of all your files is always a good idea, but the efforts may be worth it for you.