Mograting from Drobo to DroboPro


Currently have a Drobo v2 plugged into my Mac Mini server via firewire.
Am thinking of getting a DroboPro since could use the extra space, and possibly the dual disk redundancy.

I have some questions regarding the migration.

  • Can I take the drives out of my Drobo and put them in the Pro and it just work? Anyone tried this?
  • What about the logical volumes supported by the Pro, can I create volumes afterwards?

Bit scared about the above option, so guess another is put two drives in the Pro and copy data across, after creating the required logical volumes.
This begs the question:

  • Can I plug my DroboPro into the same machine as the Drobo and not confuse the dashboard, one USB the other Firewire?

Another question regarding dual disk redundancy:

  • Is this something that can be enabled and disabled at will (provided have enough space). Importantly can it be enabled later in the migration process.

And more regarding noise and maintenance:

  • Is the Pro louder than the standard one, and if so annoyingly so? Looks like it’s marginal from the specs.

  • Suppose related to this is are the fans accessible and user replaceable?

May have more questions but will leave it at there for now.

Appreciate any replies.



yes - you cant upgrade all drobos directly like that, but from a v2 you just put the disks in the pro and it will boot with them in - i have done this and it worked perfectly

you cannot go back tho!

yes you can create logical volumes in the pro afterwards

two drobos - dashboard should show two tabs - one from your pro, one for your regular drobo

yes you can flip the dual disk redundancy whenever you like, either on or off or back again

going from dual to single is instant, going from single to dual requires several hours (up to 48 if you have a lot of data)

i found the pro to be a little louder, but its a lower pitched sound so i found it less distracting (its less whiney, more hummy)

if you opened to units to change the fans you would void your warranty

Excellent, exactly the info I was after.

Thanks Jennifer and Doc :slight_smile:

Glad to be of help’ it’s the same upgrade i did 18 months ago, the pro is quite a bit faster and with manual volume management it’s a fair bit more versatile :slight_smile:

I now have my shiny new Pro thanks to a bonus at work and a 50 quid Dabs voucher giving me the final nudge I needed!

Hoping to migrate my disks later after backing up the truly important stuff (i.e. photos, not DVDs).

Hope is really is a case of taking disks from v2 and putting in Pro!

  • Does the disk order matter? Will try and keep them the same of course but accidents can happen.
  • I have two additional disks to put into it, old smaller ones from the Drobo. When should I put these in; whilst it’s up and running, or in standby? One at a time, or does it not matter?


order doenst matter at all in any of the drobos, even when changing them (order is only useful for troubleshooting!)

if they are OLD drobo disks DONT put them in at start - otherwise drobo might start up off those disks - then “add” your current drobo disks to the old pack - destroying them! (you never can tell what drobo will do!)

start up off your working drobo disk pack, then once its settled down add your old disks and they will be added to the storage pool (you can add them both pretty much simultaenously, you dont need to wait ages inbetween)

Thanks again Doc!

All done, very painless.

Pro is noticeably faster than the v2.
Have setup a new volume for Time Machine, and all is good.

Now have space for two more disks, and plenty of scope for upgrading the existing ones.
Should keep me going for years :slight_smile:

Seems quieter than the v2, although suspect that may be due to dust in its fan.
Anyone opened one up to clean the fan before?
Think it’s out of warranty so…

i found my pro quieter than the v2 - i thikn its because there are two fans spinning slower and a much larger case

and yes the performance differnece is very noticable, what interface are you suing?

PS glad it went so smoothly for you!

Using Firewire rather than iSCSI, so it could be better too.

It’s running off a Mac Mini Server which only has one ethernet port unfortunately, and need the gigabit LAN so my Media Center PC can stream Bluray’s.

What if I have two Drobos? Can I just move all eight drives to a DroboPro without loss of data? Thanks.


i’ll say why in a minute :P[hr]
if you put TWO diskpacks into drobopro

what will happen (i very strongly suspect) is that it will start and mount ONE disk pack (the first)… THEN it will wipe & add the other 4 disks (the second disk pack) to the first disk pack.

Thanks for the reply, Docchris.

no problems.
the whole idea of a drobo protecting data already on new inserted disks has been around for a couple of years, but there are just far too many issues,

not limited to:

  1. where to put the files? would it make a new directory on your existing disk pack then copy the files over?
  2. how would it deal with corruption etc etc

its much easier and safer just to have it so the only way to put files onto drobo is via the host computer